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LUCAS BAKER ([personal profile] 1019) wrote2017-03-29 07:15 pm

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Lucas hails from the seventh Resident Evil game, which is still pretty new and spoil-able!

Additionally, as a character, to keep it short, he's, well:
1. A bit of an obnoxious manchild with no sense of propriety who thinks he's a hotshot.
2. A serial killer who is tickled pink by hurting and killing others and likes to explore different ways in which he can do so, or at least knock others down, or at least-at least try to get under more proverbial skin.

If you'd like to avoid spoilers for RE7 in any threads between any of your characters and Lucas, if you'd rather avoid certain subjects or directions in threading with him, or if you'd rather he stays away from any of your characters altogether, please, drop a comment here and I'll accommodate!

Anonymous comments and screening are ON, and thanks so much!

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