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Name: Inigo (switching handles from "Blue" - the name on the reserve and what I went by when I was last here!)
Contact: Plurk @ [plurk.com profile] schmendricks; PM
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Lucas Baker
Age: Not given - probably early to mid-20s.
Canon: Resident Evil
Canon Point: Just before the final boss fight of Resident Evil 7.
Character Information: Canon Wiki.

The very first bit of information given about Lucas in-canon is that since youth, he was infamously a "bad seed". He is rrrrreally not a nice person, and has zero interest in being subtle about it - he's not even a pleasant one. At his best-behaved, he can still be said to have a hostile, petty nature and obstinate difficulty with not having things his way - in the Daughters DLC scenario, which takes place three years prior to the main game, he gets huffy and protests when his parents mention putting a lost child up for the night in his childhood bedroom, and has apparently been keeping month-by-month laptop documents of all of the things his family has done to end up on his shitlist.

The above sets him up to sound like the dour, angry sort, which... he can be, but really only when, well, he is, again, not getting what he wants - when the balance of power's not in his favor. He's seen anywhere from morose to furious at four notable points/potential points in canon: one, the Daughters scenario, throughout which he's in the company of parents who're willing to keep him in line (prior to infection in the main game, Lucas's father Jack was, apparently, strict with him in particular - aforementioned shitlist claims that Jack at least once smacked him upside the head for checking his phone at the dinner table, and towards the end of the scenario Jack shuts Lucas up after a snide remark with a glare and his name - which probably at least lent to dislike that got Lucas switching in private from calling Jack "Dad" to calling him "that old man"); two, if the player beats him at his own game at the end of the 21 DLC (he recovers pretty quickly from that once, presumably because he has a scheme to fall back on); three, when he's getting worked up in his video message to protagonist Ethan regarding the potential cure to the Bakers' infection (it's not exactly in high supply and he has no reason to believe that it'll be used on him if it's made, but he seems to think of its sheer existence as a threat to the regenerative abilities that the infection gives him); and four, when Ethan solves the Happy Birthday escape room in one piece by circumventing every one of its trapped elements (his response to that being essentially to throw a tantrum and end his turn as RE7's antagonist-at-large via ragequit).

Each of those has "he's having his 'scuse you I do whatever the hell I want roll blocked or interrupted" and/or him losing/not having the most ground in common. He doesn't take losing or disappointment well, and imposition of outside control or restrictions makes him absolutely miserable; he blows up in the face of the former, and he'll look for outs from the latter, whether that's on the scale of mentally checking out and giving a hundred percent of attention to his phone when surrounded by family or of his playing spy on his household for an unnamed organization in exchange for immunity to Eveline's mind/behavior control.

But he's seen through virtually the entire rest of RE7 with the reins off. And when he doesn't feel as if his style's being cramped or his buzz's being harshed, evidently, Lucas is one of the most exuberant, chatty, and fun-loving fellas a person could meet. He goes from the teenage/post-teenage moodiness in Daughters to freely, enthusiastically chattering to strangers as if they're good ol' friends he's so darn excited to see. He's quick with a quip and has an expressive flair. He'll rush in on any opportunity for a laugh and is one for playing jokes.

He's a big ol' kid at heart.

One who isn't only a bratty sulker when faced with discipline or restrictions but who flat-out delights in being a sadistic bully taken to the extreme.

I do mean sadistic. By "playing jokes" above, I mean "genuinely trying to terrorize and detrimentally misdirect people" (two-in-one - there's a bit where he jumpscares Ethan at a keypad-locked door to give him a [fake] password - before "correcting" himself and giving a new [also] fake password twice; the keypad turns out to be linked not only to the door but to a wrong-password-activated booby trap hanging over it), and finding new and interesting ways to hurt and/or kill people is essentially a creative hobby for him - one that he gets massive amounts of gratification from. (Lucas laughs often, but good lord is it particularly drawn-out and pronounced when he assumes he's fatally pulled the rug out from under Clancy in 21 and if he gets to watch Ethan burn to death in the Happy Birthday trap if the player hasn't pieced together how to keep Ethan alive for it.)

The other side of the coin of his disliking being under anyone else's control or restrictions, probably. He loves being able to whatever the heck he wants with people as if they were action figures or game pieces (flipping the equation is just humiliatingly wrong and unfair in his head), and this is much more than likely just... the way he is, rather than learned or reactive behavior. He made his first kill as a kid young enough to be referring to his mother as "Mommy", when he responded to being bullied for being "crazy" (whatever he did to get that reputation and the CAT scan his boyhood journal mentions in childish terms at that age isn't gone into) with inviting his bully over and locking him in the attic until he starved to death. (True, he didn't actively, directly hurt the kid, but he locked him up over days upon days of hearing him begging to be let out, and his only comment on the whole thing after the bully stopped making noise was an eventual complaint about the body upstairs stinking up his bedroom.) There's also a bit of scrawling in his old room stating that he used to hope he'd find dead bodies scouring the bayou. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he can "like" other people due to thinking they're interesting or entertaining - catalysts for fun, in other words - or to roll with people whose qualities and/or actions he thinks could help him out, but as for anything more personal than that? He likes being in position to see other people as... well, essentially-inanimate things, rather than autonomous entities who can make demands of him or throw off his pursuit of fun and going nuts in seeing the ways in which he can play with his environment. In fact, best of all are scenarios in which people are nothing more than elements of that environment!

Seriously, if there's anything genuinely good to be said about Lucas, it's that he has a highly- and productively-active, exploratory creative mind bent on getting results. He'd be a poor trickster and trapmaster if he didn't! He's the clever, resourceful type and he's proud of being such - he takes a moment during the 21 DLC to emphasize the fact that "I got 'em working again!" with regards to the retired electric chairs he has a couple of prisoners strapped to; and, again in his childhood diary, he alludes to the fact that he turned his first-ever first-prize kid inventors' contest trophy into a lamp by saying that "Now it'll be shiny even at night".

His cleverness serves him well not only in pursuit of novelty in his... areas of interest, but in service of the fact that he's kind of a coward when it comes to one-on-one direct conflict. Again, balance of power - Lucas gets on-edge and irritable in any situation in which he doesn't have a distinct advantage over anyone he might clash with; and being more oblique and fond of blindsiding and outwitting than he is the direct type, he's most always at a disadvantage over people who are not only willing but able to go right for the jugular.

Still, he can get... complacent in his own intelligence. That complacency and his general uncompromising nature result in development of blind spots all across the board, and they're not small ones. When he finds out in Daughters that Zoe's been sneaking peeks at his laptop by virtue of knowing both his phone password and the fact that he uses the same password for both devices? He does nothing. When Clancy manages to cheat death in 21 by countering his obviously-meant-to-be-a-last-minute-cheat-move with a bonus card he personally wrote and provided? He seems genuinely surprised, and even more genuinely irritated - though, again, he gets over it quickly, thanks to having another deathtrap set up for whoever won 21. He's the sort who can get caught up in the concept and let the what-ifs and finer points of a plan slip through the cracks - 'ey, if he's smart enough, his planning process should leave no "what-ifs" worth bothering with, am I right? - and that coupled with his pettiness and inability to react gracefully when outsmarted makes for an Achilles heel blatantly on display.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Selfish, cruel, stimulation-seeking, control-loving, immature, dramatic, ingenious, underhanded, self-assured, scatterbrained.
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? Fits, please!
Opt-Outs: Werewolf, Demon, Faerie, Goblin, Shade, and Slime.

Roleplay Sample: T.D.M.

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