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1st Change Aversion to sunlight. Reddening eyes. Decrease in vitals. Bloodthirst. Disinterest in typical food. Sensory enhancement. | 05/01/17
2nd Change Fangs. Physical death. Pallor. Inability to keep solid food and viscous substances down. Frail appearance when hungry. | 05/07/17
3rd change Elongated, pointed ears. Lengthening fangs. Weakness to silver. | 05/18/17
4th change Preoccupation with numbers and count. Loss of shadow. | 05/19/17
5th change Clawed hands. Supernatural speed. Heightened arrogance and susceptibility to flattery. | 06/06/17
6th change Fog Alignment Change: Slitted pupils, glowing irises of intensity reflective of emotional state. | 07/02/17

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